A Much Needed Change

As most of you who know me know, it is very rare that I compliment anyone on Beacon Hill, namely, Gov. Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts General Court (aka the MA Legislature).  However, for once they are doing something right.  Sen. Brian Joyce (D-Milton) is pushing for a bill that would require all drivers over the age of 85 to complete a road and vision test every five years.  Now, I would prefer this test be required every year (honestly, do people over 85 have anything better to do?), and I would like it to be over the age of 75 or so, but this is a good start at least.

As much as people like to condemn the driving habits of young people, the habits of old people are just as bad if not worse.  I personally am sick of the discrimination, as it is far more often that you hear people talking about how bad teens suck at driving than you hear people saying how bad old people are at driving.  Frankly, if we could curb underage drinking (which I do understand is a difficult task), young people would not even have this problem.  The fact is that most dumb moves from young people while on the road come while under the influence.  Obviously, this is not always the case, but I would wager it is true a good majority of the time.

Regardless, I am happy that the Legislature is finally taking action.  It is long overdue, and many lives would have been saved if it had happened earlier (like the 4 year old Stoughton girl who died at the hands of an elderly driver).  Hopefully this will also prevent people from needing to take away their parent’s license, which some consider to be one of the hardest things to do as an adult.  Frankly, I would not want to take away my parent’s license (though I would do it in a heartbeat if it meant saving lives).

As I said, I would like this bill to be changed slightly, but overall it looks good.  In my opinion 85 is too high, as there are plentyof people in their seventies who would not be on the road.  Also, five years is way too much in my opinion.  Are they trying to tell me that a lot can’t change in five years?  They must be joking!  At that age, a lot can change in a week, so why should it be five years?  Make it one year at the minimum, and I would be a lot more satisfied with this law.

Nonetheless, I commend Senator Joyce and all who support this bill.  It is a necessary precaution that will save the lives of many, both old and young.  Of course, this has not passed yet by any means, so I may still have the opportunity to condemn the legislature on this matter, but in light of recent events I, for once, have the utmost confidence in the Massachusetts State Government to get it done.


In campaign news, I have asked a trusted, loyal supporter to accept my endorsement for Lieutenant Governor and run.  I hope he accepts, as I feel he can help me bring the change we all want to Massachusetts.  I have also nominated a few people for cabinet positions and I’ve chosen a few advisers, so please check that out on the Staff page of the website.

-Brad Burns, Candidate for Governor- 2014

Update: Gov. Patrick and Senate President Therese Murray have supported this measure, along with Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo (D-Winthrop)

The Palin v. Letterman Saga

Every once in awhile, a story comes up that the media can’t get enough of, even though most educated Americans don’t care for two seconds.  Usually they are some sort of combination of politics, Hollywood, and sports, because there is something for everyone to care about.  So, the story ends up on Sportscenter, Entertainment Tonight, and Meet the Press.  No matter where you turn, the story comes up, and soon it begins to piss you off.

The Sarah Palin vs. David Letterman saga is one of those stories.

Basically, David Letterman said during his opening monologue that Sarah Palin’s 14 year old daughter was “knocked up” by perennial New York Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez.  Understandably, Governor Palin was extremely upset.  Funny man David Letterman claimed he thought the daughter who was at the Yankees game (who he was referring to in the joke) was Palin’s 18 year old daughter.  Governor Palin has now appeared on a variety of television progams condemning Letterman’s words.  Letterman has stopped short of truly apologizing to Gov. Palin, which comes as no surprise considering she was the butt of many of Letterman’s jokes during the 2008 election campaign.

Now, I am one of the last people to defend Palin considering her lack of experience and different, albeit interesting, manner of speech.  I am also one of the last people to defend David Letterman whom I feel is far less funny than NBC’s Conan O’Brien.  Clearly, this story has been blown way out of proportion.  No, Letterman probably should not have talked about Palin’s daughter having sex with A-Rod, however Ms. Palin also needs to get a sense of humor.  Although I can understand why she may not like Letterman due to the shots he has taken at her in the past, she needs to understand that it was a joke and it was all in good fun.

However, the worst part about this whole fiasco is the atrocious double standard displayed by the always biased media.  The worst part is that this should have nothing to do with political bias, but thanks to the fact that Ms. Palin is a political figure, it is made into a political issue.  For instance, conservative media outlet Fox News has been up in arms over this issue, condemning Letterman and the joke.  Liberal news station MSNBC has written it off has meaningless and is condemning Governor Palin for making such a fuss.  Now, can you imagine if this was Rush Limbaugh (because, let’s face it, Limbaugh is nothing more than a comedian) making the same joke about one of the Palin girls?  Fox News would write it off, while Keith Olbermann would call for his resgination and call him the Worst Person in the Woooooooooorld.

Can you see the political bias in such non-political issues?  It is sickening to me, and I wish it would stop.  Nonetheless, we are stuck with it, and I hope that all Americans, expecially Massachusetts residents, will take the time to look at where news stories are coming from and examine the potential bias behind them.  You will get a very different news story from the Boston Herald than you will from the Boston Globe, and Americans need to recognize that.

Back to the Palin-Letterman saga: it has appeared on every news show known to man, and frankly it is beginning to piss me off.  I never thought I would say this, but perhaps A-Rod is the smartest in all of this with his most recent comment on the matter:

No comment.

-Brad Burns, Candidate for Governor

I Am Back

To all my loyal supporters,

I thank you for standing behind me despite my absence from the campaign.  I hope you understand and that all of you will continue to support me despite my lack of activity in the campaign.  I will try to update this website more frequently again, and I will attempt to get my cabinet members and advisors to make posts on this website as well, so you can get a feel for everyone on my staff, not just me.  I think it is important for you not only to know who is on my staff, but what their opinions on key issues are.  If they will be working closely with me and will have my ear, you deserve to know what they think as well.

I expect to be extremely active in this campaign once more, and I look forward to working with all of you again to create a better Massachusetts.  Whether you are Liberal, Conservative, or Libertarian, I think you will find you are well represented on my staff and in my campaign.  So, please check back here frequently for updates and blog posts, and I look forward to working with all of you over the next five years and I hope to see all of you on election day in 2014.


Brad Burns

Candidate for Governor, 2014

Oh yeah? Well you’re a…

Ahhh… the classic response to being called a name.  Good times saying that as a child.  However, Representative Matthew Patrick (D- Falmouth) wants to change all that.  He filed a bill last week to officially make the fourth Wednesday in January… get ready for this… “No Name Calling Day.”  Now, this made me laugh on so many levels, but don’t think I promote calling kids names.  Mainly I think it is impossible to stop kids from calling other kids names, and that the MA Legislature has better things to do than combat name calling.

This legislation is filed to educate the public to the devastating effects of verbal bullying and was filed on behalf of Mashpee students (like they had a clue what the hell was going on…)  As most of you know, I attend St. John’s Prep in Danvers, MA.  For those of you who don’t know, they are the most politically correct institution in the state of Massachusetts (I think they take pride in that, so I’m not afriaid to say it).  This is the kind of crap St. John’s Prep would come up with, not the Massachusetts Legislature!  I mean, I’m against bullying, it’s uncool and it sucks (I was bullied in Middle School, so I know).  Does Massachusetts really need a day set aside for combating bullying?  I don’t think so.  It’s not the job of government to stop kids from calling each other names.

Now, that brings me to my next (and most important) point.  Does Rep. Patrick really think that setting a day aside to combat bullying will actually stop bullying?  That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.  Kids will be kids and that’s just the way it is, so we have to get over that as a society.  I think the more important thing to do is encourage kids to just ingore the ignorant comments of others, not try to stop it, because it will never stop (unfortunately).  Maybe I seem mean, but we have to let professionals deal with these issues, not idiot politicians (because politicians, as a whole, are a bunch of idiots- anyone with half a brain doesn’t get involved in politics).

-Brad Burns, Candidate for Governor

Deval’s Gas Tax

Deval Patrick announced yesterday he  plans to up the gas tax nineteen cents to a whopping (get ready for this…) $0.42 PER GALLON!  Also, as reported by the Boston Herald (and nowhere else from what I have seen), the tax will grow each year by the same percentage as the price of gas rises.  Governor Patrick this plan will make it unnecessary to increase toll prices, however the tolls will remain in place at their current prices.  He says he is appealing to the Federal government to place tolls on the borders of Massachusetts rather than in the heart of the state to help Massachusetts residents.

So lets start this stoning of Deval’s plan with the gas tax hike (by the way, I invite my readers to pick up a few stones and toss them at this plan in the form of a comment or two).  This increase would give (pending Legislative appoval… which is certain with our Deval-loving Representatives and Senators) Massachusetts the highest gas tax in the country, with New York close behind at 41.3 cents a gallon.  It’s funny, I tend to wonder why all these other states don’t have to raise their gas tax as high as ours.  The craziest part is how Deval want to raise it EVEN MORE over the next few years.  Maybe we’d be okay with this plan if we didn’t waste so much money in this state, but the problem is we do!  We waste money on pay increases, jobs for positions we don’t need, and more.  Maybe if that crap stopped, we’d be okay with an increase in taxes.  Maybe.

The other thing about this gas tax hike is that many economists believe it will help lead to inflation.  President Obama’s stiumulus plan will no doubt lead to extreme inflation, and Governor Patrick’s plan very well may do the same.  However, the worst part about Governor Patrick’s plan is it will leave us with less money to spend during a time of extreme inflation.  Obviously we need more money during a time of inflation, but we just won’t get that under this plan.

Then, there’s the tolls.  Supposedly the tolls will not increase if this plan passes, although I highly doubt that.  However, even if they don’t increase, Governor  Patrick is looking to move the tolls to the borders.  Basically I see two problems with that plan: one, it gives the impression that we are trying to isolate ourselves from the rest of the country (is Deval looking to secede from the U.S.?) and two, it punishes people in other states who help the Massachusetts economy by working here.  And besides, we will still be paying those tolls.  How many people do you know who never leave their state?

-Brad Burns, Candidate for Governor

P.S.- I hope this article didn’t completely suck grammar wise, but I just don’t feel like proofreading it.  So I apologize for that.

Deval’s spending “czar”

Okay, first of all, we’re in America and we have a democracy going, we shouldn’t have czars.  Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I can get on with this article.  Yesterday Deval Patrick hired Jeffery Simon, a real estate executive, to oversee the spending of Massachusetts’ portion of the federal stimulus package.  Simon will earn $150,000 to be the state’s spending “czar,” and it comes just days after Patrick hired accounting firm Deloitte and Touche to oversee the federal money. 

Now, this just absolutely confounds me.  First of all, don’t we elect these people (including the Mass. Legislature) to oversee budgets and what not?  Isn’t that THEIR job?  Why are we paying a guy $150,000 and a company $400,000 to do a job that Deval and, more specifically, the Secretary of Administration and FINANCE, should be handling?  I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong… please tell me if I am.  Also, why do we need to hire this guy if we just paid a ton of money to an entire accounting firm to handle it.  I mean, if Deval really wants someone else to do his and Secretary Leslie Kirwan’s job, then fine, but why does he need to hire an Accounting firm AND some schmuck named Jeff to do it too?

I really can’t understand Deval sometimes.  I’m sure he’s a really swell guy, and I’d love to meet him, but this stuff doesn’t make itself up.  This comes from the guy who promised to cut out wasteful spending in government, and all he does is add to it.  We do not need a spending czar for this stuff, and if we do, then it doesn’t say much for his staff.  I hope the people of Massachusetts notice this, since their tax dollars pay for it and it’s right under their noses.  Don’t listen to the political commentators on T.V. or the crazy whacked out liberal and conservative columnists in newspapers.  Read a bipartisan (or as close to bipartisan as you can get) article about politics and make a decision for yourself, then go to some sort of partisan column (like this one), read it, and see what others think.


In other news, my advisory committee is nearly filled out, and I will be announcing it in the coming days.   Thanks for your cooperation.

-Brad Burns, Candidate for Governor

Patrick out West

Deval Patrick is in the middle of a four day trip to Washington, Oregon, and California where he is trying to convince communications, life sciences, and clean energy corporations to relocate to Massachusetts.  However, Massachusetts is an extremely high cost state to do business with high taxes and a construction permitting process comparable to that of Philip II of Spain (who was a micromanager and made sure he signed everything personally, causing things like building permits to take forever to get approved).

Frankly, Deval has bigger problems to worry about here in Massachusetts.  People are up in arms over his tax hikes and his municipal funding cuts, and he decides to go to California to convince people to come here.  It’s lunacy!  He has met with executives from Google, Facebook, and others, however he fails to realize that NONE of these companies would ever come to Massachusetts.  Google has a sprawling campus over in California that could never be replaced, and Facebook would probably not want to leave Silicon Valley for Mass.  For that matter, no tech company would want to leave Silicon Valley for Massachusetts!

Clean energy corporations wouldn’t want to come to Massachusetts, either.  Massachusetts Democrats (*coughs* Ted Kennedy) still oppose the Cape Wind Project despite being in favor of clean energy!  Democrats are supposed to be the ones who want to “go green,” and yet they refuse to approve this project (couldn’t be because the view from the Kennedy Compound would be worse, right Ted?) 

Overall, though, this trip is ridiculous and just a waste of time.  Governor Patrick has some important issues to deal with, and this isn’t one of them.  If he really wanted to do something like this, he should have sent someone less important like Tim Murray or one of his advisors or anyone else.  Heck, he could have called them up and told them why Massachusetts is so great for companies.  All I can say is some major corporation better move to Massachusetts after this, otherwise he is just wasting money on hotel rooms and airfare and everything.